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Elementary AU OC Contest Entry- Macedonia by NeeHima Elementary AU OC Contest Entry- Macedonia by NeeHima
Name - Emilija Noelle Trajkovski

Country - Macedona

Nicknames - Emi , Noel, Em, 'Milija ( by close friends )

Age - About 18-19 ( I made her a bit younger for the AU )

Subject - Gym 

Height - 5'6- 5'7 ? I haven't really decided on height yet < v >

Personality - Emilija is a proud, strong and independent young woman. She's a bit mischievous and cocky but she has a good sense of humor. She warm and welcoming towards people she meets and can be very polite, she thinks a good first impression is important. Despite her warm and welcoming self towards people she isn't very formal which puts her sense of humor into her impressions. She is very talkative towards people she knows and she's able to get along with others well. However sometimes she will get too proud and in the end she'll end up being confused. 

Strengths and Talents - She's good with writing poems and short stories, she has many ideas in her mind and ends up writing them down. Usually once her mind is set on one thing. You can not stop her from changing her mind. She's also very active and enjoys sports, she especially loves playing basketball and running. 

Weaknesses and Flaws - </u>She's very stubborn and proud. She'll sometimes end up getting herself into tough situations, luckily she knows how to get out of them. She's one of the shortest of the Balkans, so she gets picked on due to that sometimes. She also isn't very good with remembering things at the top of her head, she'll often need to think for a short period of time.

Likes - Basketball, running, writing, red, acting, funny people, and talking.

Dislikes - Being called short, getting in intense situations, and confusion, anything see finds boring, and arguments.

Quirks - </u>Whenever she's lost in thought or just thinking she'll hum to herself. She never really changes her mind easily, she likes to be faithful with one decision unless necessary. When she's bored she'll play with her fingers and move her feet around, she'll also close her eyes and just tap her feet while thinking.  

Relations -
Valon / Albania -  Emilija finds Valon to be quite enjoyable to talk to. She likes to listen to his views on opinions. She considers him a good person despite his aloof personality.

Natalya / Belarus - Emilija finds Natalya rather intimidating. She's hesitant to approach her but she got respect Natalya's abilities and determination.

Mathias / Denmark - Emilija is not sure how to feel about Mathias. However she thinks he's a fun-loving and funny. She does try to maintain good relations with him.</span>

Gupta / Egypt - She doesn't talk to Gupta much. Since he doesn't talk much, she thinks he's just kind of shy and awkward.</span>

Ivan / Russia - Emilija surprisingly gets along with Ivan. She isn't quite sure what to think about him as a person, but she's just glad he treats her better than a few other people.

Zoran / Serbia - She and Zoran have a friendly relationship. She gets into arguments every now and then with him, however she sees him as a good friend.</span>

Vash / Switzerland - </i>Emilija doesn't really speak to Vash often either. However she does respect him as the leader. Although she does try to make him laugh, to no avail. 

Sadiq / Turkey - </i>Emilija is also consider Saduq a good friend of hers. She enjoys chatting with him and they enjoy making jokes about Hercules

Linh / Vietnam - Like her relationship with Gupta, she doesn't talk much with Linh. However she speaks to her more often than Gupta.</span>
Shipping - As for shipping I mainly ship her with Bulgaria.  < v > But you don't have to since it's your doujinshi. 

Ahhh I rushed this :iconpapcryplz: I tried drawing this and typing the information in one day. |,D Idon'treallylikehowitturnedout afjklas
Sorry for such a bad looking entry :iconmingplz:
But I'm finally done ~ u v u

OC and Art (c) *NeeHima
Serbia, Albania, and Contest (c) *melonstyle
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PunchieTheNeko Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014  Student Artist
:3 She look cute!
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X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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NeeHima Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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melondramatics Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
Awww she's such a cutie! ;u; Thanks a bunch for this neat entry~ :D <3
NeeHima Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ! > v < And you're very welcome !
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